Friday, 20 November 2009


I realise this post is a little belated but I don't want to fail to mention some of my research so here it is.

After the formative I pushed myself into further research, and the BBC drama 'Merlin' was a useful start. It's set during the middle ages, aroundabout the same time Warwick Castle would have been an active castle.

The joust scenes in particular were very useful and while I may not have the time to go into as much detail as they did with the fighting, it was still useful and enjoyable viewing.

As well as this, from the 4th to the 7th of November, I went on a trip with Ravensbourne to the Holland Animation Film Festival (HAFF) in Utrecht. I saw 9 different films overall;
Competition shorts 1
Cartoon d'Or 2009
Gurren Lagann the Movie:Childhood's End
Piano Forest: The Perfect World of Kai
Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea
Competition Students 3
Competition Shorts 4


The competition ones were especially inspiring as many were done by students my age or by professionals in the industry I'm aiming for. I looked on youtube for some of the ones that inspired me most;

Although the style is years ahead of what I can do, I loved the atmosphere this video created.

The mix of 2d and 3d animation is what really opened my eyes to this video.

I just really liked the simplicity of this one and the storytelling. You will need to watch it a few times to really understand it =)

Unfortunately most of them were not on youtube but for reference, 'Clichés de Soirée by Merwan Chabane and 'I am so proud of you' by Don Hertzfeldt' were also a great inspiration to me and helped me decide on the final style of my idents (which has changed somewhat since my first post...)

I got a lot out of the trip and I definately wouldn't have seen these animations otherwise so for that I am thankful.

I was also hugely inspired by a lot of videos people had made for fun on youtube using flash. Most notably the 'prowlies by the river' series which has some fantastic no-lines animation with fluid movements and water effects;

and also this quirky fanmade nintendo animation;

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