Monday, 22 February 2010

one week of progress...

I have roughly finished the animation for my industry exercises project today. However, there are still a lot of things that can be improved and upon watching it through I came up with a list that will help me…

Things that need improving;
· Tried to get better quality movie, flash may be lowering the quality!
· Add sound
· First part is fine, detailed enough
· Just more detailed needed on in-betweens during walk cycles.
· Size of character changes at end, he needs to be smaller.
· More animation on parts when he is standing still – for example he could do something with his arms or scratch his face.
· Very badly animated when he falls over their feet! Redo!
· Ending is fine as well.

I also plan to show this to Steve Crocker on Wednesday’s lesson and get his feedback on parts I can improve, as well as by asking my friends. I’m not sure how much I will be able to do in the time frame left but I want to try and make it look at least a little more professional! I feel more willing to do so now that the pressure is slightly off.

Also, last week Alex Hulse, another tutor, had a glance over at my work and gave me some good suggestions to counter the problem of the ‘jumpiness’ of the camera. If I import the scene into After Effects, I can use ‘tracking’ to hold it still (even though this will crop some of the footage out and means I will need to put black bars and the top and bottom of my animation.

Unfortunately, since I have already finished my animation and tried to compensate for the camera’s ‘jumpiness’ by manually moving the character in time and rubbing out the parts of his body that I needed to, it would be needless time and effort to enforce this in the final project when I have spent so many hours on it already and I would rather use the time to improve the actual animation itself than the quality of the camera.

Here is the test we did though, to show what I’ve learned.

If you compare this to the original footage it is much smoother… The green cube should be able to show that.

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