Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Start of Animating and Formative

Had my formative on Wednesday last week with Steve, but it seems as though everything is going alright at the moment. I think he was a bit concerned with the amount of work I've set myself and whether I can complete it in time, but I plan to work like a crazy person over this week and get my animation done!!!

Okay, so yes, I have now started animating this scene. I have run into a few bumps along the way but am progressing as well as I can.

Here are a few clips of what I have done so far...;

Just very simple animation of him painting..

And one where he walks behind Gene and Donald. The reason he moves around so much in this one is because I adjusted where he was standing to fit the camera movements of the film, unfortunately that file is too big for blogspot to support so I had to delete the film from the background.


We are much further into the project than I thought we were, there are roughly 2/3 weeks remaining to work on this and after consideration have decided to go back to using Flash, as I'm finding it difficult and am wasting a lot of time trying to get ToonBoom.

I also am disappointed in myself for the quality of animation so far, as I have already said, I plan to go back after it's completed and add more detail in, but if I don't do that this project will not be up to my usual standard and I feel as though I might deem it a failure...

I feel as though I haven't really achieved anything new due to time constraints, only practised getting better at flash. It's interesting timing my character with real life ones but I don't feel as though this is as big a step forwards as I wanted it to be.

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