Thursday, 29 October 2009

Formative Assessment and Storyboards

Had my formative this afternoon and got a bit of feedback on my work and suggested ideas;

-adding an unfurling scroll to one of my idents (archery? princess tower?)
-research "Robin Hood" both Disney and BBC series for ideas
-think about where the idents would be shown - internet? television?
-start thinking about music and sound effects and doing research into that.

Apart from that I seemed to be on track.
I've also completed 50% of three of my idents after working solidly this week. I'll put a few of the first tests up in a few days.

I have also completed my storyboards. They are extremely basic but will do the job. I'm getting very conscious of how much time is remaining!

Jesters, Jousting, Princess Tower, Falconry and Dragons, Archery (from left to right).

Click for larger images! :)

The one thing all my idents must have in common, is the Warwick Castle logo;

So i have worked hard to get that into the idents in a way that they will notice.

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