Friday, 16 October 2009

Industry Exercises project

Welcome to my Ravensbourne blog for the Industry Exercise project (unit 205)!

My brief will follow that of Brief B (produce a series of 5 second idents for the National Gallery) except I am choosing to focus on Warwick Castle instead as I visited it over the summer and was deeply inspired by the sights;

Brief B: Animation

“We need some idents done to attract tourists, particularly children, to Warwick Castle during the summer, maybe your students could come up with some ideas for us? We need a range of five second clips that we can play before during and after television shows aimed at them, and to put on our website to reinforce the castle’s identity. They can use the logo, they can use images from the website, they can use current or future exhibitions as a theme; it would be really nice if they could reflect some of the colours that are commonly used; sky blue and yellow.

It would be great if they came up with a range of ideas… I would like to see six ideas from each of them. A storyboard for each as well as some explanation of why they have taken that approach would be excellent support for their actual animations. I suppose they’re going to have to do a little bit of research into the gallery and what we’re about to really come up with something useful…”

• Do some research into Warwick Castle
• Storyboard, explain, and produce six five second segments of animation to reinforce the identity of the Warwick Castle.

I want my idents to be aimed at the children that visit the castle (up to age 12 or so) and I plan to produce them all in flash, one for each attraction of their summer programme - jousting, the jester show, princess tower, fire-breathing, falconry and either the Trebuchet or castle dungeon.

During the past week of research (which i will scan in over the next couple of days) I watched the animated Disney/Pixar movie 'Bolt' and want to produce my idents in the style of the end credits;

I have also made a playlist on my youtube account of all the different idents that I could find;

but my favourite examples are the wallace & gromit ones as they are short and to the point. very effective! I want my idents to be similar to this;

I will continue to update this blog through the coming weeks with my progress. Stay tuned!

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