Monday, 25 January 2010

Development and Research

Have spoken with a few of my friends about my project and have recieved a few helpful ideas with things to watch for research!

Clym Smith, another student in my class, has recommended several useful films like Mary Poppins which I have found a useful clip for;

and Emma Wyton, has found these useful clips which show live action mixed in with animation...

and the same clip I found where the family guy makes substituted Jerry for Stewie;

These are all prime examples of the effect I want to achieve, and while I doubt I can get the same high quality they have it's always good to try!

Since time is fast running out, I have decided when animating I will focus on getting the key poses in, and then later going back and trying to add more animation detail, this project is not being assessed as much on the quality of my walk cycles so I think I can give it a bit of leeway if I have to.

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