Tuesday, 19 January 2010

singing in the rain initial storyboard and schedule

Did a quick storyboard for my Singing in the Rain idea;

before I go any further I want to get feedback from my tutor, and hopefully that will generate some more ideas and let me know whether I should continue with this one!
The clip itself is nearly 2 minutes in length, but I plan to crop out most of the end and have a 40 second clip in total. 30 seconds of those will feature my painter character.

I have also quickly put together a schedule of the next few weeks that I hope to stick to!;

Jan 18th-22nd
Continue research into 2D/3D animations, finalise idea.
Jan 25th-29th
Complete character design and have ripped a copy of the clip from the DVD.
Feb 1st-5th
FORMATIVE!!! Begin animating - work out the key poses and go over them in detail.
Feb 8th-12th
More animating..
Feb 15th-19th
Finish animating, add shadows onto character and go carefully over the footage to make sure he doesn't move incorrectly with the camera.
Feb 22nd-26th
Improve animation if possible, get feedback.
March 1st-4th
HAND IN!! have all animation completed by the second at the VERY latest, then spend Wednesday and Thursday burning to disk and finishing blog.

Apparantly there's going to be more snow tomorrow but let's hope it doesn't settle :)

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